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    Drilling number
    Drilling number
    • International
    • Canada
    • US
    • 911

      Daily drilling / station

    • 194

      Daily drilling / station

    • 784

      Daily drilling / station

    Crude oil prices
    Crude oil prices
    • US crude oil
    • Brent
    • Latest price (USD / barrel): 78.78

      Highest:78.81 Lowest:76.22

    • Latest price (USD / barrel): 84.85

      Highest:85.34 Lowest:84

    Product center

    Project case

    Gathering、 Transportation and Storage filed

    Collect the oil well product; separated into crude oil and associated gas and produced water; and do the necessary purification and processing to make oil commodities (oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas) and the goods storage and transportation, some pipe valves, pipes and the safety valve will be used in this process.

    Geothermal field

    There are two different sources of heat contained within the Earth, one from the outer part of the Earth and one from inside the Earth. Earth's temperature by the Earth's internal heat and gradually increased, this heat from the Earth's interior called "Internal Thermal".

    Well cementing, Completion, Testing Field

    Well cementing operation is to insert casing into the well and inject cement into the annular space between the well-hole and casing. It is characteristic system and one-time and short time, its main purpose is to protect and support the casing in oil wells, isolating oil, gas and water etc.

    Oil and Gas Exploitation Field

    Oil and gas extraction is the process of extracting oil and natural gas from the underground reservoirs. The way that oil and gas extracted from underground to the ground can be divided depends whether it is necessary to replenish the wellbore fluid: Blowing and artificial lift. Artificial lift including gas lift, rod pumping, electric centrifugal pumping, hydraulic piston pumping and jet pumping.

    Subsea Oil and Gas Equipment Field

    Subsea wellhead, subsea tree, part of the subsea process equipment, and charging device are located in the bottom of the sea, the produced oil and gas are connected to the surface of the platform via sea pipe and riser systems for processing and storage. The method of oil recovery is usually divided into dry type and wet oil production. With the development of technology, now in general use a high degree of automation of oil wet way.

    Drilling Field

    ?Drilling is an engineering to drill into stratum used by mechanical equipment. According to the breaking rock mode and the type of mechanical equipment, we can divide it into two types: Percussion drilling and Rotary drilling. The oil industry usually use Rotary drilling.


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