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    Drilling number
    Drilling number
    • International
    • Canada
    • US
    • 911

      Daily drilling / station

    • 194

      Daily drilling / station

    • 784

      Daily drilling / station

    Crude oil prices
    Crude oil prices
    • US crude oil
    • Brent
    • Latest price (USD / barrel): 78.78

      Highest:78.81 Lowest:76.22

    • Latest price (USD / barrel): 84.85

      Highest:85.34 Lowest:84


    About us

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    Factory management

    Neway will be advanced management concepts applied to the group management mode, the use of advanced ERP, CAM manufacturing resource management system for each factory management, synchronization monitoring and management of the entire manufacturing process, accurately and effectively improve production efficiency. At the same time of using the resource management system, Neway implements the storage barcode management system in an in-depth manner, manages the factories and warehouses in an efficient and orderly manner, and responds to the manufacturing needs to the maximum extent.

    ERP system

    In 2003, the Group started to implement the ERP project. After several years of development, as the Group grew stronger in 2008, Newey introduced the world's number one ERP software in the world. The SAP software system represents the most advanced management in the world Concept, for many Fortune 500 companies provide solutions. The successful implementation of the SAP project at Neway Petroleum Equipment Division to achieve simultaneous engineering and lean manufacturing and optimized management of production supply chain maintenance, allocation of financial resources, and human resources deployment will certainly bring Newey's resource management system into place The world's advanced level.

    Bar code storage management system

    Neway warehousing logistics management system based on advanced bar code technology, starting from the purchase order, the material storage, collar, to the product storage, delivery and delivery of the entire bar code tracking management. Through barcode scanning and readers, collecting data sources of products or products, integrated and integrated management in SAP resource management system. The application of Neway Warehousing Barcode Management has set up a target management information system for warehousing, which effectively aids in solving problems arising from the inventory and delivery management in the production process.

    Advanced production equipment

    With its strong manufacturing capabilities in the industry, Neway's factories are equipped with a large number of highly automated and proprietary equipment, including: independently developed CNC lathes, milling machines,WFL turn-milling compound center, drilling machines, driving, welding equipment, valve assembly lines , AOD refining furnace, automatic pre-drying furnace and table dry furnace, intelligent heat treatment furnace, 15 tons / hour water glass organic fat automatic production line. Scientific and strict factory management created a new set of high-quality Newey full industrial valve products, for Neway won almost all domestic and international valve industry-related qualifications and access to the vast majority of global end-users

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